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The "Haus of Gaga"

"Haus of Gaga" is Lady Gaga's own creative production team. She personally handles the team, and they are in charge of creating a lot of her everyday clothes, stage clothes and hair style. Lady Gaga says that her interest in fashion derives from her mother.

Performance art

Lady Gaga explains fashion's strong influence by saying "When I'm writing music, I'm thinking about the clothes I want to wear on stage. It's all about everything altogether - performance art, pop performance art, fashion. For me, it's everything coming together and being a real story that will bring back the super-fan. I want to bring that back. I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us." The Haus of Gaga has been said to "bring the performance art into the mainstream channels".

Inspiration from "Bauhaus"

The "Haus of Gaga" should not mixed up with "House of Gaga Publishing" which is Lady Gaga's publishing company for her music, managed by Lady Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta. Lady Gaga said in an interview in Germany that the name is inspired by the German retail store "Bauhaus".

28 May 2010
Your name/signature: 

I LOVE GAGA soooo much, She is my insparation to be who I want to be. I love her so much, I'm not the shy, loser girl anymore because of her. I want to sing because of her Like her I want to be famous<3

- Ray, 6 Mars 2012

Your wish and reason are the same as me

- Little Genie, 16 December 2012

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Lady GaGa ROCKS <3

Love you Lady GaGa

- Omar, 7 February 2012

I am not fan of GaGa. I am great fan of Sakira.

- sumon, 30 July 2012

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love gaga :D

- dyna, 6 February 2012

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Dear Gaga,

I had to choose a role model in school to make a speech in an english lesson. I chose you and everybody loved it, no one was bored. thank you so much i'm 14 and you've really helped me become more confident. I have a few family problems and school can be difficult but your music helps me forget about it.

- Anna.E, 24 January 2012

This is very touching and I only wish Lady GaGa gets a chance to see it or can be bothered trying to catch up with all the methods she and her team have created for her fans to contact someone connected to Lady GaGa

- Christopher McDonald, 23 November 2012

Yes, please....Anna.E I also chose Lady gaga for my report not done with it yet, but, I have a feeling that its going to be good

- littlemonster, 30 November 2012

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how make the dress from bubble

- manu, 18 January 2012

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your the shit! i was already in love withmyself but you made it feel right to do so

- suzy N, 4 January 2012

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Dear Lady GaGa

you have been such an influence in life, you have taught me not to be afraid of the person inside, I was bullied alot at school, many years ago, I was the quiet one, the plain jane, then after school & college and working in a tattooist after being trained as a body peircer, after attending a tattoo convention, people was actually looking at me, I was offered a modeling contract and have now travelled to many places, including New York.( which is my favourite), So now I am a fetish model, with quite a few tattoo's, one is even on my thigh, its a pheonix with its wings spread proud. Also I have now attened a school reunion, and all those people who were mean & nasty, have accomplished nothing compaired to me. All because of you I'm not afraid to be the real me & not to ever let anyone put me down or say I'm not good enough anymore, and its all down to YOU. So thank you for being so inspirational to many people (including me)

- Katt (summer), 21 December 2011

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dear lady gaga,

you are ultimate!! <3 , i feel myself as ur essence...thx alottt :)

- abhi, 20 December 2011

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Lady Gaga I LOVE YOU.

You are absolutely amazing.

I Love your style, your style has inspired me to be a fashion designer.

You influence and inspire so many people that it is okay to be different and it is okay to be yourself and I thank you greatly for this.

- Bronte Mohan, 8 December 2011

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you are an inspiration to everyone whether they know it or believe it.

- miss tiara, 4 December 2011

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Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Lady Gaga has in a few years become a force to be reckoned with by the fashion world. Her "Haus of Gaga" is a group of creative, inspiring people responsible for her clothes on- and off-stage and her hairdos. Lady Gaga has an outspoken vision of fashion to be incorporated into her music.

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"The Factory" in New York anew

"The Haus of Gaga" is clearly influenced by Andy Warhol's creative collective "The Factory". Gaga claims that the Haus is a way of her putting more effort into her performance, while staying in control.

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Grammy Awards

Haus of Gaga in incubation for the weekend

For this sunday's Grammy Awards, Haus of Gaga's Nicola Formichetti announces that the crew will be taking a break and instead the perfermance will be in collaboration with the English/turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalyain.

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Video Dogs

Celebrity dogs featured in videos

The two Pacific Coast Harlequin dogs Lava and her son Rumpus have been heavily featured in Lady Gaga's videos since their first appearence in the "Poker Face" video.

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Atso Kudo

Latex and rubber

Atso Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber.Gaga made one of their red latex designs famous by wearing it to the 2009 Royal Variety Performance. The designs are truly something else.

Visit site ...

Nasir Mazhar

Obsessed hatter

The 25-year-old hatter Nasir Mazhar is obsesses by the history of headwear and sculptural forms. His pieces are architectural interventions.Gaga has worn his pieces in many of her videos, among them Poker Face and Alejandro.

Visit site ...
Bubble piano and cigarette glasses


Bubble piano and cigarette glasses

The Haus of Gaga has been responsible for many of the Lady's creations. Examples are the Bubble Piano, the Razor Blade Glasses and the Disco Stick.

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The Fame: Part One

Guerilla project

"The Fame: Part One" is a guerilla project made by the Haus of Gaga. The short film is a flirt with arty European movies. The film has a greyish tone, and Lady Gaga speaks fake-French. The film also features the two Pacific Coast Harlequins from the "Poker Face" video.

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Haus of Gaga's "Teeth"

Promoting video

The un-official video for "Teeth" is made by Sergio Ceron. Sergio Ceron is a Mexican Visual Artist. His main subjects are Hyperrealism and Cyberconceptual Art. Sergio Ceron lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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M. "Dada" W.

Gaga's ex-lover

Matthew Michael Williams has been the creative director of many of the Haus' projects. Examples are Lady Gaga's tours The Fame Ball and The Monster Ball and the creation of the Disco Stick.

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Kerin Rose

Unique eyewear

Designer Kerin Rose has quickly become one of the most popular designers of unique eyewear. She recently designed glasses to Gaga’s latest music video Alejandro.

Visit site ...


Chief of Dance

L.A.G. - Laurie-Ann Gibson, is the main choreographer of the Haus of Gaga. She has done the choreography for some elements of the tours, and for the videos Telephone and Bad Romance.

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Nicola Formichetti

The Stylist

Nicola Formichetti is the Japanese/Italian stylist responsible for the amazing Alejandro video! He has also done the album covers for The Fame Monster and much more of the style related to Lady Gaga.

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Haus of Gaga
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