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Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Lady Gaga has in a few years become a force to be reckoned with by the fashion world. Her "Haus of Gaga" is a group of creative, inspiring people responsible for her clothes on- and off-stage and her hairdos. Lady Gaga has an outspoken vision of fashion to be incorporated into her music.

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"The Factory" in New York anew

"The Haus of Gaga" is clearly influenced by Andy Warhol's creative collective "The Factory". Gaga claims that the Haus is a way of her putting more effort into her performance, while staying in control.

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Grammy Awards

Haus of Gaga in incubation for the weekend

For this sunday's Grammy Awards, Haus of Gaga's Nicola Formichetti announces that the crew will be taking a break and instead the perfermance will be in collaboration with the English/turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalyain.

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Video Dogs

Celebrity dogs featured in videos

The two Pacific Coast Harlequin dogs Lava and her son Rumpus have been heavily featured in Lady Gaga's videos since their first appearence in the "Poker Face" video.

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Atso Kudo

Latex and rubber

Atso Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber.Gaga made one of their red latex designs famous by wearing it to the 2009 Royal Variety Performance. The designs are truly something else.

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Nasir Mazhar

Obsessed hatter

The 25-year-old hatter Nasir Mazhar is obsesses by the history of headwear and sculptural forms. His pieces are architectural interventions.Gaga has worn his pieces in many of her videos, among them Poker Face and Alejandro.

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Bubble piano and cigarette glasses


Bubble piano and cigarette glasses

The Haus of Gaga has been responsible for many of the Lady's creations. Examples are the Bubble Piano, the Razor Blade Glasses and the Disco Stick.

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The Fame: Part One

Guerilla project

"The Fame: Part One" is a guerilla project made by the Haus of Gaga. The short film is a flirt with arty European movies. The film has a greyish tone, and Lady Gaga speaks fake-French. The film also features the two Pacific Coast Harlequins from the "Poker Face" video.

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Haus of Gaga's "Teeth"

Promoting video

The un-official video for "Teeth" is made by Sergio Ceron. Sergio Ceron is a Mexican Visual Artist. His main subjects are Hyperrealism and Cyberconceptual Art. Sergio Ceron lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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M. "Dada" W.

Gaga's ex-lover

Matthew Michael Williams has been the creative director of many of the Haus' projects. Examples are Lady Gaga's tours The Fame Ball and The Monster Ball and the creation of the Disco Stick.

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Kerin Rose

Unique eyewear

Designer Kerin Rose has quickly become one of the most popular designers of unique eyewear. She recently designed glasses to Gaga’s latest music video Alejandro.

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Chief of Dance

L.A.G. - Laurie-Ann Gibson, is the main choreographer of the Haus of Gaga. She has done the choreography for some elements of the tours, and for the videos Telephone and Bad Romance.

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Nicola Formichetti

The Stylist

Nicola Formichetti is the Japanese/Italian stylist responsible for the amazing Alejandro video! He has also done the album covers for The Fame Monster and much more of the style related to Lady Gaga.

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Your name/signature: 


All of my current and past and future letters, emails, phone conversations are merely including a lot of so informative, constructive reports! They are for increasing your information! They can save a lot of persons souls and bodies from doubtful deaths,…in future!

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23 june 2009

My email

My postal address:

Second floor

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Sepidar avenue

Imam Khomeini square

Vavan town

Islamshahr city


Postal code:3317843154


This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I am graducated in economy course. I am theoretical economy M.A.i have no curriculum in translation field. Except I have read a lot of general and applied English texts (namely general and economic texts) so far. I haven’t used from any English learning institute so far. I learnt English translation skill by self-taught way. I will be so glad, if I can promote my English level abilities in various matters applied. I would like to work in foreign trade companies too especially in overseas or Iran at least. you can assist me in order to performance my good wish. I have no more to say.

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5 July 2009


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1-they have a lot of traineeship and applied courses from basic to excellent.

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How do you do? Recently I had a telephone conversation with your company.

I need your cooperation with me. please read my requisition exactly.

Dear friends! I am from Iran. I have pure economy MA from Iran universities.

I don’t like my main major at all. on the other of hand I have tolerated some of the worst catastrophe in my longevity(especially in recent years).I said about me in detail in my autobiography under the title kaveh(I add my bitter autobiography with this letter).on the other of hand I wish I could inhabit in one of my favorite countries at least for a certain period times. Korea is one of the best my favorite countries. And I like Korea so much.

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I hereby thanks from madam kim tang oun.because she speak with me amiably. She work in your company.

As soon as I come Korea I meet this respected lady of course.

If you reply me sooner, I come your country sooner. so I expect you reply me as soon as possible .as soon as you give positive reply to me I will go Korean embassy in Iran in order to take visa.

Again and again I repeat that the main priority for me in this current situation is finding any jobs in Korea. So please help me in this matter before of anything. Because my livelihood condition isn’t good at all.

I love far east countries people especially korea,japan and china,hong kong!

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My postal address:

To English:

sepidar complex

second floor

kaveh yousefzadeh

imam khomeini square

sepidar street

vavan town

islamshahr city


postal code:3317843154

to Persian:

اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه 2 کاوه یوسف زاده

کد پستی:3317843154

شماره تماس:0228 3170996


How do you do?

This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I would like to come one of these countries as soon as possible:

1-USA and other countries in American continent

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Be successful!

Best regard

kaveh yousefzadeh



My postal address:

اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه 2 کاوه یوسف زاده

کد پستی:3317843154

شماره تماس:0228 3170996

My email


How do you do?

This is kaveh yousefzadeh.i would like to employ in one of your country companies,…as soon as possible.

I have MA academic paper from faculty of economy-Isfahan university-Iran (pure economy).I has 5 years of service in commerce ministry of Iran. I was one of metal tariff experts in that ministry.

I intend to pass some of traineeships in different arenas in your country as well.

Anyway I am ready to start my work in your country right away. as soon as you agree with my work application, I begin my career in your country. This matter (I mean my work in your country) is so important for me. Then I expect you investigate and reply to my application sooner. In outset I can accept most of job opportunities in your country.

I wait for your answer impatiently.

In the end of my letter I submit my postal and email address too.

I have no more to say.

Be successful.

Best regard

Kaveh yousefzadeh



My postal address to farsi:

اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه 2 کاوه یوسف زاده

کد پستی:3317843154

شماره تماس:0228 3170996

شماره موبایل:09393614080

ترجیحا با موبایلم تماس گرفته شود(یا امیل جدیدم):


How do you do? This is kaveh yousefzadeh.i was graduated in pure economy field. I have master of art document (I mean pure economy field) as well. I look for the traineeship courses and jobs with following qualifications in one of foreign countries:

Very simple, applied,...

The professions that in which I could promote my foreign languages abilities too. For example I want to be a trading expert in import and export field. I want to work in one of far east (Korea, Japan, china,hong kong,...),American, Europe, Australian countries too.

Please find the jobs with above mention requirements for me as soon as possible. I wait for your sensible, practical action as soon as possible.

I have no more to say.

Kind regards

Kaveh yousefzadeh




اينجانب كاوه يوسف زاده فارغ التحصيل كارشناسي ارشد اقتصادنظري از دانشگاه اصفهان هستم. هم اينك ساكن شهرستان اسلام شهر شهرك واوان از توابع تهران مي باشم.طي روزهاي گذشته دو اميل جداگانه برايتان فرستادم.منتها هيچ گونه جوابي دريافت نكرده ام.

غرض ازتصديع بنده در صدد پيدا كردن كار و كارآموزي (واقامت) در يكي از كشورهاي خارجي بالاخص كشورهاي خاور دور(كره و...)وكشورهاي اروپائي(سوئد و...)وآمريكايي و...مي باشم.

مطالب مندرج در سايت تان در مورد كار در كشور كره را خواندم.

آنچه كه براي من از اهميت بسزائي برخوردار است اين است كه بنده از شرايط مادي خوبي برخوردار نيستم ودر نتيجه در وهله نخست درصدديافتن يك ممر درامدي در يكي از كشورهاي مزبور هستم.بنابراين اين عامل را حتما در نظرداشته باشيد.

مسئله بعداينكه گفته مي شود شركت هاي خارجي و منجمله شركت هاي كره اي مقيم ايران با موسسه شما جهت يافتن نيروي كار مستعد و علاقه مند قرارداد بسته اند. بنابراين انتظار مي رود كه اگردرحال حاضر در صورت عدم تحقق بنداول بتوانيد بنده را به يكي از شركت هاي مزبور معرفي نمائيد تا بنده در انها به كار و كارآموزي بپردازم كار بسيار در خور توجهي را انجام داده ايد.

لطفا با توجه به شرايط بنده همكاريهاي لازم را دراسرع وقت مبذول نمائيد.و در وهله اول از طريق اميل و پستي و تلفني بنده را درجريان بگذاريد.ضمنا خواهشمند است در جهت رسيدگي به اميل هاي قبلي بنده هم اهتمام لازم را مبذول فرمائيد.بيصبرانه در انتظار قدم اول همكاري از ناحيه شركت شما هستم.



كاوه يوسف زاده



ضمن عرض خسته نباشید بنده در صدد یافتن کارو گذرانیدن دوره های کارآموزی در یکی از کشورهای خاوردور(کره وهنگ کنگ و...)واروپایی(سوئد و...)و آمریکایی و کشورهای مربوط به اقیانوسیه(استرالیاو...)در اسرع وقت می باشم. ضمنا تضمینی از شما موسسه محترم می خواهم تا به محض رسیدن به کشورهای مزبور بتوانم سریعا شروع به فعالیت کنم.لذا اگر امکان دارد فهرست اسامی کشورهایی را که بتوان با کمترین هزینه و درسریعترین زمان ممکن در آنها شروع به فعالیت نمود به اینجانب ارائه نموده تا بنده سریعا جهت اعزام به کشورهای مزبور اقدام نمایم. لازم به ذکر است رزومه خودم راهم در این امیلم ارائه نمودم. قبلا از هرگونه همکاری مجدانه شما سپاسگذارم.



کاوه یوسف زاده



This is kaveh yousefzadeh.i inhabit in one of islamshahr suburbs in Tehran province. I would like to pass one of the best applied, simple MBA branches,… as soon as possible. But MBA courses tuitions are so heavy for me. On the other hand I have tolerated some of the worst catastrophes in my longevities. My mom and dad were killed,…

In my autobiography I described about them in detail.

I have MA paper in pure economy field. But I am so dissatisfied from my major. I wish I didn’t study in that major. Because it wasted all of my times. And it was so useless for me.

Instead, I want to promote my foreign languages abilities in applied forms, not in translation arena!

I want to be an analyst. I have a lot of so beautiful plans for my future. For example, I want to learn and practice different foreign languages, I want to learn and practice musical instruments,athletic courses,…forever! I want to watch my favorite plans night to night and everlasting,

I decide to go around of world,…forever.

Anyway, I want to get ride of from these imposed circumstances right away.

I will become so glad if I can pass my traineeship courses in overseas too.

I want to pass my traineeship courses with simplest method. I don’t want my future traineeship courses engross all of my times. Because I need a lot of extracurricular opportunities in order to performance my other above mentioned plans.

I don’t have any salary. And I depend on to my restricted banking deposit.

Therefore I expect you consider my financial,…conditions too. On the other hand some of criminal sects have sickened one of my brothers to the different diseases. His toleration isn’t possible at all. Every one have banned him for years. So I want to part him right away. I am 41. I have missed a lot of so golden times in Iran. Because we have exposed some of the worst imposed disasters from last years. And some of so satanic sects intend to annoy us again on futile pretexts. For example they want to kill some of my family ,… members on pretext to test us. Even I have submitted my petitions several times to newspapers,...

But unfortunately the satanic sects intend to kill 3 members of my family at least. And they deny these so shocking crimes flagrantly as well.

Any way I expect I can resume my favorite traineeships courses,… as soon as possible. I expect you find a proportional job simultaneous with my traineeship courses. or you give a regular salary to me.

I expect I could perform all of my mention extracurricular plans, even when I pass my traineeship courses too. Therefore I expect my traineeship courses be so applied, simple, interesting,…

I wait for your sensible, practical cooperation.

Thank you!

Best regards

Kaveh yousefzadeh



How do you do? This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I have MA paper in pure economy field. I want to use from your useful counseling about selecting my future jobs! I expect you introduce the occupations that have be similarity with my talent, interest,…

The jobs that haven’t spoiled my different future plans at all. in my autobiography,…emails I hinted them in detail relatively. I attach the mention emails for you too.

Last day, I saw your advertisement into hamshahri newspaper. it seems you have presented different traineeship courses in applied econometric fields from elementary to excellent level.

Unfortunately I am so dissatisfied from my past university teaching way!

In my other emails I alluded to my reasons about this matter.

In meanwhile I haven’t any interest to theoretical,…matters at all. I expect my future jobs be so simple, applied, interesting. and it become restricted to my work hours merely(for example from 10-5).because I have a lot of different daily extracurricular for my futur(for instance I want to learn and practice musical instruments, athletic courses and foreign languages every day regularly. and I want to watch my favorite plans night to night,…and I want to go around of world in my longevity,…).

The econometric lesson was presented by the worst form in my BA and MA term times. The lecturers have presented some of so useless theoretical and boring things about econometric in those times. In meanwhile their teaching method were so bad!

I don’t like to be an theoretician in econometric field. But I want to learn econometric ways in form of applied by simplest way merely.


I want to ask you:

1-is it possible you present econometric traineeship courses without your focusing in theory by simplest way?

2-is it possible I pass different econometric courses(elementary, time-series, panel,…)


3-as I described in my other emails such as autobiography, complaint,…ones)I have tolerated some of so terrible catastrophes in my longevities. my mother and father were martyred by satanic sects,…

All of my primitive rights have violated for long years on futile pretexts(for example the satanic forces have intended to test us,…).my brother mental and physical systems have broken down completely for long years(especially the satanic forces have sickened him to physical diseases in recent years too).it seems he will sacrifice in near future. no one tolerate him. and every one have banned him. On the other hand my marriage, job,…clarification trend have extended for 12 years at least on futile pretexts(the satanic forces intend to kill 3 members of my family at least. they say me that they want to test me!).

So In Iran country, my first so emergency priority is my marriage with my selected girls.

In meanwhile I am living in vavan town (islamshar countryside).it is so far from Tehran.

The satanic forces made unemployed me for years on futile pretexts. when I was busying in my office, my job was so energy-intensive, useless,…too.

I have had no yield for long years as well.

It may my future jobs be clarified in Isfahan city.

So! is it possible you find a so simple,applied,interesting job for me in my current too critical imposed situation? I expect that I perform my current job in my home. After of my marriage I will do my job in outside. It seems that be the best option for me, I guess!

4-is it possible you present your different traineeship courses thorough correspondence courses? Is it possible you send your entire educational syllabus through postal packages to me?

5-do these econometric courses conform with my talent, interest,…?or you offer other options for me? the option that be so simple, useful, applied for me and don’t spoil my other above mentioned extracurricular at at all?

Any way, considering my so bad circumstances that have imposed me for long years cowardly, I expect you understand me and you give the best counseling and recommendation to me right away, please!

Please send your reply to me by email, mail,…as soon as can call me too.

My cell phone number is:09393614080

My postal address is:

اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی بلوار مطهری خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه2 واحد 3 کاوه یوسف زاده

کد پستی:3317843154

شماره تماس:

0228 -3170996و09393614080

My current email is:

I wait for your answer impatiently.

Again, I expect you read my other added emails by all means.

I have no more to say.

Best regards

Kaveh yousefzadeh




با سلام امروز فرم ثبت نام در اداره کاریابی گسترش کار پایتخت را پرنمودم.

در رابطه با کارآتی بنده باید نکاتی را به استحضارتان برسانم:

نخست اینکه ترجیحا مشاغلی به بنده سپرده شود که جوانب کارآموزی و آموزشی آن زیادباشد.بسیار ساده وجذاب باشد وازجوانب آکادمیک برخوردار باشد.درجهت ارتقای توانائیهای زبان های خارجی بنده بصورت کاربردی باشد.جنبه اجرایی داشته باشد.دوره های کارآموزی در کشورهای خارجی داشته باشد.مسافرت های شغلی منظمی به کشورهای خارجی داشته باشد.

با توجه به فاصله بسیار زیاد بنده از شهرستان تهران شاید اگر بخشی از زمان کاریم در مقطع فعلی در خانه صورت بگیرد مفید باشد.

مثلا طرح های سپرده شده به من (البته بعداز آموزش های لازم داده شده به من)در خانه انجام بپذیرد(البته زمان مزبور باید در محدوده تایم کاریم باشد).

دوم اینکه به علت فاصله زیادبنده از شهرستان تهران و طبعا هزینه فرصت بالای رفت وآمدم به شهرستان تهران توصیه می شود جهت بالابردن میزان راندمان کاری وایجادانگیزش های شغلیم به نکات ذیل توجه شود:

1-سرویس ایاب وذهاب برای بنده از ناحیه موسسه ای که بنده را استخدام می کند مهیا باشد.

2-ساعات کاریم ترجیحا در بازه زمانی 10 الی 17 باشد.

3-در صورت عدم مهیا بودن سرویس ایاب و ذهاب محل کارم در اماکنی باشد که زمان کمی جهت رفت وبرگشت به آن تخصیص داده شود.مثلا اگر محل کارم نزدیک یکی از ایستگاه های خط 1 مترو باشد میتواند در هزینه فرصت زمانی و...تردد بنده به محل کار بنحو بسزایی مفید واقع شود.

ضمنا در طی هفته گذشته بنده رزومه کاری و...خودم را از طریق پست الکترونیکی برایتان فرستادم.شاید در جهت اتخاذ تصمیم گیری تان جهت یافتن مشاغل مناسب با علایق واستعدادم و...بسیار مفید باشد.امیل بنده هم:

می باشد.

از اینکه مصدع اوقات شریفتان شدم پوزش می طلبم.

عرضی نیست.


کاوه یوسف زاده



This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I look for the jobs with following qualifications. As soon as you find the mention jobs, please contact me. I expect my job matter be solved right away. Because a lot of my plans,….have depended to this matter. But return to my future jobs topic. I only want to find the jobs that have these qualifications:

1- The jobs that be so simple, applied, interesting. And it had better they have academically, scientific backgrounds as well.

2- The jobs that their work times be open. Or they be restricted to a certain time (for instance 10 a.m till 5.5 p.m).

Because I have a lot of other extracurricular plans regularly too. For example, I intend to learn and practice different musical instruments, athletic courses, foreign languages,…daily and everlastingly. And I intend to start my journeys to around of world (this matter is my permanent wish. although it may that I cannot perform this so beautiful wish completely), as soon as my job matter be solved. And I want to watch my so favorite series,…from DVD,…night to night and forever. Watching my favorite series,… have so good effects in my morale, on condition that they be my selected programs(whether film or…). Or I want to read so different essays freely,…and I have a lot of so private other plans that are related to my so private and marital ones.

3-i don’t like the jobs,…that engross whole of my times at all. Because it spoil all of my other plans and it never recommend.

4- I expect that my future different traineeship courses and jobs be simultaneously (not in turn).

5-i expect my future jobs and traineeship courses be operational, enforcement and interesting and informative. I hate to study so unexciting and boring and hard and time-intensive matters as my future jobs and traineeship courses. I severely hate to study econometric and useless theoretical matters and alike (fields) .instead, I like to pass so applied, interesting, informative traineeship courses simultaneous with my jobs merely.

6-i expects my future traineeship courses and jobs have a lot of foreign trips to my favorite countries forever too.

8-i expects my future jobs and traineeship courses cause to increase my foreign languages abilities. It had better I could learn a lot of foreign languages in applied forms as well.

9- The jobs alike a trader expert in international arena and a proficient businessman in export-import arena and a skilful analyst,…are the best, on condition that they be so simple and interesting!

9-I expect my future jobs environment have compatibility with my moral norms,…and they be in so open, humane, respectfully space.

10-i expects my future jobs and traineeship courses increase my incentives for work. And they never be so boring,hard,time intensive,...

The above mentioned articles are some of my so important standards for selecting my future jobs.

So! I expect you consider all of these factors in order to offer the proportional jobs and traineeship courses to me as soon as possible.

As I said previously, I have tolerated some of so unbelievable, shocking catastrophes in my longevity. My mother, fathers were tortured for long years. And the both martyred by satanic sects in turn. Even my father eyes was blind for long years through satanic ways (medical instruments,…)too. And my mother was tortured by different ways for long years.

The both of them were martyred by fatal substances injection,…to their body finally.

The satanic sects have broken down one of my brothers mental systems by medicine,…for long years too. In recent years they have infected his body to fatal and pathogen substances too. It seems my brother is tolerating his retribution ((because he has oppressed in front of his family (especially his so toiler, sufferer,… mother)a lot for long years)). He beat his parents,especially his so cute, sufferer mother for long years cruelly! He boxed and kicked his mother head,mouth,teeth,stomach, ovary,…with his most power savagely most of times! If you encountered with those so terrible events, you will be shocked a lot! I think you don’t believe my assertions. But unfortunately all of my talks are true. In outset, it may you say that my brother must punish a lot. And his dirty brain must be smashed. But when you consider all of factors, you conclude that the main culprit isn’t my brother. And he has been a victim. A lot of other persons are guilty. In meanwhile, his mood was so worse after he used medicine. My brother remedy was his marriage in his adolescence times. He need too recreation and happy and warm environment. He didn’t must study in medical course at all,..

After Iran revolution some of so terrible catastrophes have imposed us chronologically. Although some of persons believe on the origin of calamity against us return to Pahlavi dynasty times!

Anyway, I expect all of criminals, murderers, killers, imposer of disasters be introduced in so vivid form in public,…arena as soon as possible. Otherwise it may the noble persons alike me pursue their complaints independently,and recourse to retaliation measures. So! It may cause to anarchy! But that is so necessary! Then I expect all of criminals be introduced, punished,…right away!

Anyway! If the satanic sects didn’t impose some of so terrible catastrophes to us, our family destiny were written other way, I am sure! For instance my brother wasn’t angry and insane! my other brother wasn’t lost in war times too, my parents were alive, my father wasn’t blind, my mother wasn’t tortured,my personality wasn’t debased by worst groups of people,…and by and large, our family were so prosperous relatively!

Then please don’t lie one another. Realty is bitter! But we must accept it! Yes! All of the criminals must be introduced and punished! Even they be so powerful and important!

Although my brother behavior has been alike excrement and shit for long years, and he satisfy himself by transfer his so cumulative obsessions to his family members especially, but I again repeat the culprit are others not him in final and comprehensive analysis! In those times (from 30 years ago to now) he must married right away,firstly,…

It seems my brother will sacrifice as a result of heart halt, pulmonary and infected diseases or cancer,…in near future. But his dying moment isn’t certain exactly.

On the other hand my brother hasn’t been tolerable at all for long years, even now!

Yes! He has been intolerable for 28 years .and from year to year he be more intolerable. No one tolerate him. And any one bans him practically. My brother has misused from his family and my moral high capacity and benevolence for long years ignorantly,…

I can beat him easily. And i can smash him alike drinking water. But I observe him. He is so fool. And it may he suppose that I (and my parents) are weak!? Even he always says that he is bully! In any rate, my brother has had so destructive role in our family and i for long years. Although he isn’t culprit in

Comprehensive and final analysis. But the others, I mean my mother,father,-in past years-,I,… couldn’t had tormented and tormented by him.

It seems that the satanic sects have had some medicine concoctions (electuary) to my brother. Because they want to kill him by gradual torture on the one hand and bother me,… a lot on the other hand. In meanwhile, it seems they have so sinister plots against my other remainder family members,…too.

But I never permit that they perform their satanic maps about us easily. And I heighten their criminal deed risk a lot! And I can shock all of satanic sects easily. They never can anticipate my so terrible retaliation measures. so! I expect that you give my warning to all of satanic forces!

Anyway, as I said in my past emails (I mean autobiography, complaint,…emails)the satanic sects have committed a lot of unforgivable crimes against us so far. Although some of people says me that the origin of calamities against us return to pre-revolution of Iran times or say me indirectly:

Come on! drink tea!(it refers to drinking tea in Hong Kong district that performed last years and that ceremony was a historical event in world).however, these kind of assertions don’t justify all of so terrible crimes and murders,… and toleration of this limbo manner isn’t acceptable at all!

My brother suffers from psycho-sexual trouble and sadomasochism problems a lot for long years. He is 50.but he is single. Then he relieves all of his so cumulative repressed instincts (especially sexual instinct) to his family in so cruelly manner! His real remedy was his instanter marriage in his adolescence times too. And he didn’t must study in medical major in Tehran university at all in those times.

Anyway my brother has damaged us considerably. And he tortured his parents (especially his so sufferer, innocent, plain, devotee,…mother)for long years a lot. And he has caused that a lot of persons misuse from our critical family conditions.

NOW! My brother toleration isn’t acceptable too. And his toleration is Herculean task, as a matter of fact. If you encounter with my brother you will nauseate and be so angry! And say god give him death right away! And beat him a lot cruelly too.

Anyway! I expect you understand my so critical imposed conditions. On the other hand I missed a lot of so golden opportunities in Iran by force for long years. The satanic sects have taken my youth, childhood,…times practically. Even when I was busying in my office (commerce ministry located in valiasr squar Tehran city) they entrusted so useless, energy-intensive,…jobs to me. And debased my personality in those times flagrantly too. And finally they made unemployed me on so nonsense and futile reasons. And for long years they have said me indirectly this sentence:

I must pursue my future job in other city (I mean Isfahan city).so I has contacted with the related Isfahan entrepreneurs for many times.

But most of them want to evade from these so vivid facts. And they say me that I have token wrong number and place,…

I think that they want to prolong these so long terms limbo imposed conditions till my uncle and brother be sacrificed. And they want to kill 3 members of my family at least. I had discovered this matter, when I was studying in Isfahan city-14 years ago.

But I can not tolerate these so bad imposed conditions any longer. Although I use from my times in home much more than the times that I was studying in university (hereby Isfahan university) and i was working in commerce ministry. because I have started to learn two foreign languages and I have read a lot of so different good articles according to my tastes,…and I believe on my staying at home has been so more efficient from my study in university and my past job from one this aspect. But I am so dissatisfied from these situations. Because I have a lot of other extracurricular plans too. In meanwhile my brother toleration is so hard. When I see my brother, it seems that I am watching excrement! He is so rubbish person! Although the satanic sects want that I nurse my brother practically. Because they know that as soon as I part him, he will die!

Even the satanic sects hasn’t let I marry,…according to my standards. And they have obstructed in all of my internal, personal matters practically.

Because they want to test me,…?!my job and marriage and living adventure are similar to pass of mine field or playing football game!

Anyway, all of my primitive rights have violated for long years. The satanic sects and a lot of ignorant, malignant, ill,…persons accuse me as liar and visionary. And they say upside down anything deliberately or ignorantly too! As if, they enjoyed from my torment! These matters apply in my brother behavior too. He assigns whole of his qualifications to us too! They are sadist, aren't they?

So! I expect you judge about me fairly.

I expect that I can get ride of from these so long terms imposed talisman right away.

I expect my future jobs, traineeship courses have compatibility with the above mention criteria by all means. I want to perform my so beautiful, different expectations as soon as possible.

All of my plans, wishes, interests,…have spoiled so far. If these conditions be continued again, a lot of retaliation measures and obsessions will create naturally! And it may a lot of persons be damaged. That is so natural and necessary! Never doubt about it.

Yes! I want to resume my work, plans,…according to above mention standards merely.

It is so bad that these imposed conditions be suspended till my uncle and brother be killed.

I personally believe on that my marriage (with my selected girls) have priority to other factors. And its performance (according to my standards) has a lot of so positive externalities! And it is so emergency too! And it can inhibit a lot of retaliation measures, and it can save a lot of persons including my future wives,…from certain death! Don't kidding with me any longer, please! Don't play with me any longer! Don't angry me! You be sure that if satanic sects continue their sinister plots about my other family members in future, my reaction will be so dreadful! The first victims will be my future wives! Afterwards, if the satanist forces impose other disasters to my remainder family members (after my brother be killed by them),it may that I will butcher and behead my future wives,…with most pleasure!so!please take my talks so serious! Accidents don’t give news! No one can immune me, if my other family members be sacrificed later!

Since my marriage case is so important for me, it had better to notify again that the best girls for marriage with me are nymphet, adolescent, free thinker,kind,intellectual, intelligentsia,liberal,maiden, virgin, happy,

Vivacious,… teen girls! In my past emails I described about my future ladyloves qualifications in detail. I severely abhor to marry with old maid, deflowered,traditional,fogyiesh,

Medievalist groups of women. I never marry with these groups of ladies. Instead, I expect all of my future ladyloves be so little,pretty,beautiful,cute,virgin,lovely,open minded ,anti- traditionalism, modern, easy going, liberal teens. I wish I could take a lot of ladyloves, whether in form of legal wives or in form of concubine!

Anyway, I expect my job matter in Iran and overseas become clear right away at least. I want to separate from my brother right away. I can not live him in one house any longer. Because the satanic sects have sickened him to different mental and physical troubles. And he has transformed to a so obsessive,jealous,impolite,ignorant,superstious,agreesive,backward,impudent,liar,detaseble,rubbish,savage,… person! And he is similar of a so savage, backward, impolite child too. And he empty all of his cumulative obsession-especially sexual one to me,…and I don’t react him. Because I observe him.

If my job,…be clarify according to my above-mentioned scales, whether in Isfahan or other places, I expect the mention entrepreneurs invite me by letter in so respectably manner right away. Although ,again I notify that the best option for me is the marriages that based on my interests, selection,…from so power stance from my side before of any other step. In my past emails I said about my future ladyloves requirements exactly! I expect that I experience the marriage (whether in legal wives forms or concubine ones) according to my so vivid standards merely. Otherwise my future living be so worse. And I will envy to my single life a lot!

Yes! I merely marry with the girls that have similarity with my standards. Any bad intervention in my different marriage cases have a lot of so destructive effects, I am sure.

In conclusion, I expect my situation be solved right away. If my jobs, traineeship courses will clarify according to above mentioned matters, I expect I receive An invitation letter-from overseas, Tehran, Isfahan,…as soon as possible! Although again I notify that my going to Isfahan city isn’t good in so bad imposed current situation, because of:

1- I don’t like to stay in dormitory. Because all of my other plans be spoiled and I had so bad experience from my staying in Isfahan university dormitory.

2- I don’t like to encounter with the persons that I saw them in last years(I mean the professors, students,…).it may I beat them. Because some of them were ,impolite, liar, impostor.

3- I don’t like study econometric and theoretical matters at all.

4- I need recreation, marriage,…

Before of any step.

Afterward, I intend to start my new job and fulfill all of above mentioned matters too. If my first marriage be performed right away from power stance with my selected girls, a lot of other problems be solved spontaneously and simultaneously, I guess!

Considering the long terms imposed calamities that I hinted to some of them in my different emails, it seems my marriage have priority to other factors in Iran. And it necessitate that I marry with my selected girls right away!

At any rate, I wait for your sensible, practical cooperation!

I have no more to say.


Kaveh yousefzadeh




با عرض سلام جهت اطلاع رسانی و پیشگیری از اقدامات نسنجیده که می تواند پیامدهای بسیار بدوجبران ناپذیری را با خود بهمراه داشته باشد باید اعلام کنم که:

اولویت اصلی وفوق اضطراری بنده در مقطع فعلی با توجه به مصائب طویل المدت تحمیل شده بر ما که حتی به شهادت پدر ومادرم نیز انجامیدو...وبا در نظرگرفتن حق کشی های فراوانی که در قبال من ناجوانمردانه برای سالیان مدید اعمال شده و بادرنظرگرفتن هزینه فرصت طولانی مدت بلاتکلیفی و وعده ووعیدهای مختلفی که تا کنون به من داده اند و با ملاحظه شرایط بسیار بد خانوادگی بنده(منظور عمدتا وجود برادرم می باشد که توسط جنایتکاران به بیماریهای مختلف عصبی و فیزیکی مبتلا شده وتحمل او برای یک لحظه هم امکان پذیر نیست)و با توجه به شرایط سنی بنده و...ازدواج با دختران مورد علاقه ام می باشد وبه هیچ عنوان بدیل دیگری توصیه نمی شود که تبعات بسیار وحشتناکی را می تواند در برداشته باشد.

بهترین افرادبرای ازدواج با بنده افرادبسیار نوجوان(ترجیحا 14 ساله)بسیار زیبا وبشدت آزاداندیش وسنت ستیز وهمچنین مهربان وسرزنده وشاد و...می باشد.

متعاقب امر ازدواج بنده اقدام به ثبت نام در کلاسهای آموزشی موسیقی و ورزشی نموده ویادگیری زبان های مختلف خارجیم را ادامه خواهم داد. ضمن اینکه مسافرت برنامه ریزی شده ام را به کشورهای مختلف خارجی مورد علاقه ام از سر خواهم گرفت.به موازات تحقق این موارد فعالیت شغلی خودم را درزمینه های مورد نظرم در چارچوب برنامه زمانی مشخص بدون آنکه اندک خللی به سایر برنامه هایم بزند از سر می گیرم. ایکاش بتوانم معشوقه های مختلفی را در قالب همسران قانونی وموقت هم در طول عمرم اختیار کنم.

به هرحال در مقطع فعلی مبرمترین اولویت بنده در ایران ازدواج از موضع قدرت فراوان وبا افتخار تام می باشد. لطفا شرایط بنده را درک نمائید. ضمنا بنده به هیچ عنوان مشاغل ودوره های آموزشی که سازگاری با علایق و برنامه هایم ندارند در پیش نخواهم گرفت.

بنابراین الان باید بنده سریعا وبدون فوت وقت ازدواج کنم. بسیار زشت خواهد بود که فرایند بلاتکلیفی و...مزبور تا قربانی شدن دایی و برادرم به درازا بکشد.ضمن اینکه تحمل برادرم به هیچ عنوان امکان پذیر نیست و هرکسی بجای من بود یا از او سریعا جدا میشد یا از او شکایت می کرد و یا اورا تا سرحد مرگ کتک میزد!.جدا شدن بنده از برادرم نیز مستلزم تقسیم نمودن اموال بجا مانده از مادر شهید بنده می باشد.که این هم همکاری دسته جمعی را می طلبد.

بنابراین نتیجه میگیریم که بهترین وضروری ترین گزینه در مقطع فعلی در ایران ازدواج بنده است. یا اینکه امور مربوط به اقامتم در خارج ودر وهله اول کشور سوئد درست شود.که من سریعا رهسپار آن کشورها شوم.

بار دیگر تکرار می کنم در ایران اولویت فوق اضطراری بنده ازدواج است ودیگر هیچ!ایکاش همسران آتی بنده اصالتا خارجی و خصوصا از کشورهای آمریکایی و اروپایی و روسی و خاوردور باشند!


کاوه یوسف زاده



لطفا زمان دقیق روشن شدن امورم بر مبنای رزومه کاریم وبا اولویت بر ازدواج با اولین همسر آینده ام را اعلام نمائید.مستحضر باشید که ما را از دیرباز آماج بلایا وآزمون های مختلف شیطانی قرار داده اند .بگونه ای که نابینا کردن پدرم و شهادت مادر وپدرم پس از آزار طولانی مدت آنها و خانه نشین کردن بنده و بیمار کردن یکی از برادرانم به امراض مختلف و...گواه بر مدعای بنده است. ضمن اینکه تحمل برادرم کار حضرت فیل است.

لذا حتما به من زمان مشخصی را اعلام کنید و نگوئید تا 3 نشه بازی نشه!

من برنامه های متعددی برای آینده ام ترسیم کرده ام.که ازیادگیری وتمرین دائمی و روزانه ومادام العمر آلات موسیقی و ورزشی گرفته تا یادگیری زبان های مختلف خارجی و...را شامل میشود!

ضمن اینکه به محض روشن شدن ازدواج با همسر اولم مسافرت های دائمی ومنظم خودم را به کشورهای مختلف مورد علاقه و..خارجی را از سر می گیرم.

لذا با توجه به شرایط بسیار بد تحمیل شده بر ما که عملا به گرفتاری بلندمدت بنده انجامیده است لطفا پاسخ دهید که دقیقا کی وکجا امورم روشن می شود؟چه مدت زمان دیگر باید شکیبایی پیشه کنم؟

خیلی متشکرم


کاوه یوسف زاده



Important message!

I expect to receive an invitation letter in order to resumption of my work. Although I belive on my marriage have priority to other factors. I can not tolerate these imposed limbo till my uncle and brother be sacrificed. In meanwhile my brother toleration is Herculean task.

But about my future daily work, leisure times, I want to hint that my daily life must have conformed to following matters (about these matters I elaborated in my past emails too):

1-work and pass of traineeship courses according to my talent, interest. It had better that I could be an international trader. I abhor to study econometric, theoretical matters and alike. I don’t like teaching job at all. I expect my future main job be restricted to certain period. I expect my future job have a lot of foreign trips to around of world. I like to read my favorite applied and so simple articles in my daily work times

2- After my daily regular work, I intend to learn and practice different musical instruments, athletic courses day to day and everlasting. And I intend to learn different foreign languages by self taught method. In meanwhile I intend to look at my favorite plans from satellite apparatus and DVD too. I want to speak and,… with my future ladylove(and ladyloves) regularly too,…

3- I wish I could enhance my ladyloves in legal wives form and concubine mistress one too!

4-i wish I could be alike famous Italian explorer-Marco polo.

I wish I could trip to a lot of countries in my longevities regularly whether for business or tourism and refreshment as well.

As I said before the satanic forces have made unemployed me on so futile pretexts for long years. They intend to test me,..! although my past job was so boring, useless,…in meanwhile my mom and dad were martyred,…in my autobiography email,…I alluded to these matters with more detail. So! I expect you observe me. Please know that my brother is intolerable even for one minute. I expect my case be investigated right away and I receive an so reverently letter in order to resumption my work in my favorite arena as soon as possible ((whether from overseas (Sweden country,…)or Iran)).as soon as I receive my invitation work letter I resume my work and simultaneously I pursue my extracurricular plans(learning and practice musical instruments,…)and I start my trip to overseas, firstly Sweden country too.

Finally i expect you investigate my case sooner. I wait for my invitation work,…letter in so reverently manner impatiently. It necessitate that I separate from my brother as soon as possible.

Although, I personally believe on my marriage have priority to other factors in Iran. Because my marriage trend have lasted for near 1.5 decade at least. This mater is so bad. I have missed my parents,…in these years unfortunately. I expect my first favorite ladylove call and contact me as soon as possible too. In my past email-marriage,…-I said about in this matter a lot.

I have no more to say temporarily. I expect my case be investigated right away according to my plans,…!


Kaveh yousefzadeh



Pardon me. Again I trouble you. I expect that i receive an invitation letter in so reverently manner in order to resumption my work in a new place, especially in overseas right away! Again i notify that I never study econometric, theories of economies, statistical analysis and alike. Instead, I want to be an proficient international trader, an economy strategist,...!

I personally believe on that my first so emergency priority is my marriage, because of many factors ( in Iran).I cannot tolerate any longer. In order to neutralization of the Satanist sects schemes,... and elimination all of so unfairly ambiguities about me,...i expect my situation be clarified right away according to my priorities, interests,...

. As you know my marriage trend have lasted for more than one decade on so futile pretexts. I missed my mom and dad. They were martyred, as a matter of fact!

I missed,....!

( For several times)On my marriage, I want to repeat that i love the girls with the following qualification a lot:

The so nymphet, freethinker, liberal, kind, easygoing, virgin, belle,...girls!

The girls that study in junior high school. I mean the girls that be adolescent and their age domain be among 13 to 14.i love these groups of girls for friendship, marriage, lovemaking so much!

I hope that i get rid of from these long term imposed limbo as soon as possible!

I have a lot of extracurricular plans that all of them will perform after my first marriage (I mean learning and practice musical instruments, athletic courses, foreign languages,...and going to my favorite countries for pleasure and business).i cannot be patient till my uncle and brother be sacrificed!

Thank you

Kaveh yousefzadeh



Please hear all of my latest virgin messages that I left in hamshahri newspaper answering machine, house of hope counseling institute (one of Iran official matchmakers institutes)answering machine,….!

As I have mentioned several times, the satanic sects have entangled me for long years. They have decided on to continue my so detestable imposed suspensions till my uncle and brother be sacrificed! In meanwhile, they perpetrated a lot of so terrible crimes from long years ago. For instance, they made blind my father, they tortured my mother and father for long years, they have debased my personality and made unemployed me and they obstructed in my marriage matter. They have worsened one of my brothers temper and nervous system a lot and they have sickened him to physical diseases by medical crimes and pathogenic substances too. Even they made blind one of his eyes!

By the way, the Satanist sects have committed a lot of so terrible murders and crimes since long years ago against us!

Considering these so horrible imposed catastrophes (I said about them in my past emails like autobiography, complaint,…),it seems my rights and priorities be so much relatively. I can not stand these imposed limbo manners, till my uncle and brother be sacrificed. I have been suspended for long years.

Then I expect that I get rid of from these long term imposed disasters as soon as possible.

I want to resume my new work and traineeship courses right away. When I was busy in commerce ministry and even before of it-when I was studying in Isfahan university- a lot of persons said me that I pursued my work and marriage in Isfahan city. Even I was ousted from commerce ministry with this pretext in so detestable condition as a matter of fact. I have sent a lot of so informative emails for Isfahan University scholars and professors, especially DR akbar tavakkoli! He moved to other university last years. He is busy in Isfahan technology and industry university located in Khomeini shahr(one of Isfahan satellite cities).because DR tavakkoli was eyewitness some of the imposed catastrophes to us in those times.

But unfortunately, a lot of persons intend to play with us. And they deliberately evade from facts. As a matter of fact they intend to prolong these long term imposed catastrophes to us till 3 members of my family be sacrificed! My father and mother were killed and martyred! Now is my brother turn. Any moment it may that he becomes sacrificed as a result of medical crimes. But my brother toleration is Herculean task. And I cannot hold and nurse him by myself! Because the satanic sects have worsened his nervous system a lot! If my brother married in his adolescence times and didn’t study in medical major, he never became so savage and nervous,…!

My brother have had so destructive role in our family for near 3 decades! He relieves all of his cumulative obsessions and anger and stress in home in so cruelly manner any time. Since he was single and his university lessons pressurized him, then he relieved all of his anger and complexes to his parents and me in so cruelly manner. He tortured and punched and kicked his so sufferer parents especially his so cute, nice, toiler,…mother in worst possible forms in those times. even after their martyrdom he relieve his stress and anger to me ,…!of course his force is so lower and lesser than me. Then he can not relieve his stress me easily. In meanwhile I control myself a lot. Any one was instead of me fight with my brother severely. My brother angers any person a lot. As if he suffers from sadomasochism and psychosexual troubles simultaneously a lot! He cause some of persons be impolite against us too!

My brother toleration is very hard! He has transformed our home to dust bin,…! His lust and libido has been main reasons for his so savagely behaviors. In meanwhile his university major wasn’t convenient for him at all. He must studied in simple university majors not medical major and physiotherapy field at all. Before of anything he must married in his adolescence times necessarily. His marriage was alike an alchemy and like a so worthy and vital medicine for him from those times-30 years ago- to now.

Anyway, I expect I resume my work as soon as possible. I expect that I receive an invitation letter in order to resumption my work whether from overseas or Iran. I had submitted my application to Sweden migration board too. I expect the Sweden authorities give positive reply to my demand.

But before you issue the letters, I expect you listen all of my recorded massages, especially the latest ones, that I left in hamshahri newspaper, house of hope counseling institute,…answering machines!

I have stressed several times that I never study and works in econometric, economic theories, statistical analysis and alike arena and fields! I want to work eagerly not by force. I don’t select the works and traineeship courses that spoil my extracurricular permanent daily plans too. I mean traveling to a lot of my favorite

- , 13 July 2012

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Contact info for Dre/ Danelle:

- , 12 July 2012

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these talent's and intelligence i have, were givven to me to work for this world

just like you are doing

i hope that you wlll feel and acknowledge me in you heart

All my love,


- , 10 July 2012

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i'm getting quite emotional about this because i am just affraid my approach will not work

its very hard for me to explain myself, as you are recieving massive amounts messages by people offcourse

i want to make clear though, that my approach goes beyond...

this is only about positive changes for this world and humanity

not for myself, not for money, or anything

All my love,


- , 10 July 2012

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Hi gaga,

i want you to know that i am tryng very hard to reah you

i am doing this via recordlabel companies for example, but they are givving me a hard time...

the reason why i am trying to contact you is for great importance

i can not say a lot about it in this note, but i want to make very clearly that i am not just a 'fan', or someone who is trying to just get a job out of this.

my intentions are are 100% sincere and professional

the best way to describe it, is that i genuinely feel that we share the same source (as crazy as that may sound) and that this is exactly why i am on this world, i truly think it is for great importance that i will get in touch with you (to be able to make more good things happen)

i hope with all my heart that i will hear something

All my love,


- , 10 July 2012

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i have 2 tickets for sale for manchester arena on sep 11th, i can no longer go so wondered who wants to buy them they are standing tickets.

- Liam, 9 July 2012

sorry contact details ;

- Me, 9 July 2012

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Dearest Gaga,

It has been a couple of days since I saw you in concert in Sydney and some of the things that you said in that concert have inspired me so much to change my future path. I am 18 now and live in Sydney. I am at university studying something that is not hugely creative. All my life I have been an actor, singer, dancer, painter, you name it. I saw my parents struggle with money for a lot of my teenage years and didn't chose to follow a creative path because I thought they might be more proud of me if I became a doctor or a lawyer. It turns out that they would always be proud of me no matter what path I chose and I found this out just before your concert. Whilst I was considering what I was really doing with my life you put it all into perspective for me. Thank you so much.

Your music has not only inspired me but also my 57 year old mother. She grew up in a very strict catholic household and always wanted to be creative and wild but was never given an opportunity. She has bought all of your albums and has recently been to your show and loved it! Through following your music I have seen let loose and except herself as different instead of trying to conform to a generic model that I don't believe fits most people. When we were travelling to your concert on Sunday I asked her a question: "If you had one question to ask Gaga what would it be?". She wanted to know if everything that you do and everything that you have is what you want? She said that she would love to know that you felt content as it seems like, from an outsiders perspective, that you have everything: Fans that love you, amazing family and friends that have kept you grounded, wigs, shoes and latex to last you a lifetime and charisma that will never render you boring in my eyes.

I know you are always working on your music, tour, the born this way foundation (and a bunch of other things) but it would mean the world to me if you could reply and answer the question. I love to act and sing and am prepared to work hard to achieve success but with everything you hear about stardom one does wonder what constitutes success.

Love Tegan

- , 27 June 2012

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I am excited to be doing a painting of Ms Gaga. I am proudly using her full ass view pose in black & white. Her nails are extreme & her tattoos scream. Thank you for being so beautiful

- Leonardo, 19 June 2012

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Hi Lady G, My name is Shaun Murphy and I have recently won a competition on a UK radio station, Heart Essex, to see you in Dublin on the 15th September this year. I was wondering if I could ask a massive favour of you. I have been with my gay partner for 16 years and I would very much like to propose to him during your show. We had the honour of seeing you at the O2 in 2010 for the Monster Ball and we totally fell in love with you, your music and your message. I would like to propose during your show as there are a couple of your songs that I feel are so appropriate to our relationship and if you would agree it would blow him away. I am hopefully planning to marry next year 2013 as the number 13 is a very significant number in our life and it will also be our 17th year together that is also majorly significant in our time together. If you and your management are agreeable I would like to POP THE QUESTION during or before either "Marry the Night" or " You and I" as we have been through so much together and this will just cement our relationship and make me, hopefully Him(Carlos) and all the family and friends very happy, especially as we have never been to Dublin and it will be so romantic and such a massive surprise. Also I know you are very pro Gay and the words to Born this Way are so amazing that we have connected with it. You are an inspiration and I can not think of a better way to ask my life partner to be my Husband than at a concert of our favourite artist to a song that means so much. I will understand if this is not possible but it would mean the world and make the moment something we will never forget. If it could be possible please email me on my facebook or twitter acount. I look forward to your reply All my love and respect Shaun Murphy xxxxxxxxxxx

- Getting desperate Shaun, 18 June 2012

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Hi Gaga,

I had no idea where to post on or how to get you to hear me. Have tried tweeting but you are out there inspiring so many other people and I hope you are enjoying every minute of it. I went to two of your concerts you did here in NZ, so beautiful. So blown away. I cried so much when you gave the speech during Hair and told us to stay strong. it just took me back to the Monster Ball Tour, the night I was there, I had just a week before it come out of suicide watch and decided to get my life back in order. With my arms bandaged I was there and during speechless you said the most beautiful and inspiring words, you helped me change my life and I am forever grateful. I sit here, tears again coming down my face as two of my girlfriends have been ignoring my phone calls for days and emailed me tonight with hurtful things to say because they were meant to come with me to your concert here but one of their tickets didn't arrive in time and because for a while I didn't think I could make it so my other friend wasn't able to go. I defended myself but my pleas seem to have fallen on deaf ears. It has just got me thinking that how I am feeling right now goes against what you tell us everyday through your music. Why are we even fighting about things that don't need to be given a grain of salt when there are so many people out there that are trying to take their lives each day. After reading those emails I, for a split second had those thoughts I did two years ago when I was hurting myself. But I put on Born This Way album and as I listen to it, if you read this or ever get light of this post, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration and for being the most beautiful woman apart from my mother that I know. Your music has helped me ways that you wouldn't believe and I hope there is plenty more to come so I know that in this rough world there is always a light at the end of the tough tunnels.

- @HausofGaga on twitter, 18 June 2012

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