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Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga's creative team

Lady Gaga has in a few years become a force to be reckoned with by the fashion world. Her "Haus of Gaga" is a group of creative, inspiring people responsible for her clothes on- and off-stage and her hairdos. Lady Gaga has an outspoken vision of fashion to be incorporated into her music.

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"The Factory" in New York anew

"The Haus of Gaga" is clearly influenced by Andy Warhol's creative collective "The Factory". Gaga claims that the Haus is a way of her putting more effort into her performance, while staying in control.

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Grammy Awards

Haus of Gaga in incubation for the weekend

For this sunday's Grammy Awards, Haus of Gaga's Nicola Formichetti announces that the crew will be taking a break and instead the perfermance will be in collaboration with the English/turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalyain.

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Video Dogs

Celebrity dogs featured in videos

The two Pacific Coast Harlequin dogs Lava and her son Rumpus have been heavily featured in Lady Gaga's videos since their first appearence in the "Poker Face" video.

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Atso Kudo

Latex and rubber

Atso Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber.Gaga made one of their red latex designs famous by wearing it to the 2009 Royal Variety Performance. The designs are truly something else.

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Nasir Mazhar

Obsessed hatter

The 25-year-old hatter Nasir Mazhar is obsesses by the history of headwear and sculptural forms. His pieces are architectural interventions.Gaga has worn his pieces in many of her videos, among them Poker Face and Alejandro.

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Bubble piano and cigarette glasses


Bubble piano and cigarette glasses

The Haus of Gaga has been responsible for many of the Lady's creations. Examples are the Bubble Piano, the Razor Blade Glasses and the Disco Stick.

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The Fame: Part One

Guerilla project

"The Fame: Part One" is a guerilla project made by the Haus of Gaga. The short film is a flirt with arty European movies. The film has a greyish tone, and Lady Gaga speaks fake-French. The film also features the two Pacific Coast Harlequins from the "Poker Face" video.

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Haus of Gaga's "Teeth"

Promoting video

The un-official video for "Teeth" is made by Sergio Ceron. Sergio Ceron is a Mexican Visual Artist. His main subjects are Hyperrealism and Cyberconceptual Art. Sergio Ceron lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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M. "Dada" W.

Gaga's ex-lover

Matthew Michael Williams has been the creative director of many of the Haus' projects. Examples are Lady Gaga's tours The Fame Ball and The Monster Ball and the creation of the Disco Stick.

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Kerin Rose

Unique eyewear

Designer Kerin Rose has quickly become one of the most popular designers of unique eyewear. She recently designed glasses to Gaga’s latest music video Alejandro.

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Chief of Dance

L.A.G. - Laurie-Ann Gibson, is the main choreographer of the Haus of Gaga. She has done the choreography for some elements of the tours, and for the videos Telephone and Bad Romance.

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Nicola Formichetti

The Stylist

Nicola Formichetti is the Japanese/Italian stylist responsible for the amazing Alejandro video! He has also done the album covers for The Fame Monster and much more of the style related to Lady Gaga.

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- yennifer, 7 September 2012

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Gaga do you see me? Do you hear me? I lost my insurance through RAIN OKLAHOMA due to making 2600.00 a month! I can't afford the HIV pills anymore. I can't even afford the doctor visit let alone the lab work??? What are you doing to help us mama? The gays need you!

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I Need To Return To Toronto And Hump More Hookers!

- , 28 August 2012

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II'd LOVE to meet you Gaga... Love you!

- Panda W, 15 August 2012

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Love you Gaga

- Louise, 14 August 2012

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Where's My Money?

- , 12 August 2012

up my mams arse

- , 18 September 2012

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Wow GaGa, I've never been so struck by women! It's hard to believe you're only 2 years old than my daughter, it's weird. Keep up the good work!

- Dave J Cox 84@Gmail, 10 August 2012

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i love gag

- abu, 20 July 2012

i also love your big fat tits

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I Love the virgin, freethinker, nymphet,belle,easygoing,


Happy, vivacious,

Intellectual,…girls for lovemaking, marriage, friendship! The teens(especially the girls that study in junior high school are the best options for me-I mean their ages domain be among13-17!).

I expect my matchmakers consider these matters precisely! Otherwise, they don’t right to intervene on my marriage matter at all!

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The mention girl or any selected girl obligate to adapt her (them) with my above-mentioned marriage scales necessarily (I elaborated about my future wives physical and mental requirements in my past email called marriage email in detail. I refer you to that long email. Please read it exactly)

As I said before the satanic forces and their so ignorant and coward followers made me unemployed for long years on so futile pretexts. Even when I was busy in my office, my job was so energy-intensive, useless, and hard. In meanwhile when I pursued my marriage matter according to my taste, many persons annoyed me deliberately. Even they have sham quarrel one another. Because they wanted to normalize their so malicious behavior against me. Even some of them confessed that they annoyed me!?

If they didn’t intervene in my private matters, perhaps I married with my favorite girls in those times!

And I learned a lot of musical instruments,…and the more important of anything, I got rid of from my brother evil!

Some of persons said me in those times:

Your favorite girl would become your wife!

((I wonder that how they discovered my inward intention?))

Some of other persons said me that I pursued my marriage and job matters in other Iran metropolitan city (I mean Isfahan city). I had contacted with some of Isfahan authorities. But they have denied these matter so far!

I personally believe on some of persons intend to divert my marriage and job matters to football game!

As if we live in football stadium and mine field!

They intend to widen other traps and satanic plots against my remainder family members, i,…,I think!

I have heard that some of people have said one another and to me this sentence several times:

You must give four persons sacrificed from your family members at least! And they said that my marriage,…don’t specified before of 4th person-I mean saddollah or masoud yousefzadeh death at all!?

They say these numbers of victims are revolution cost. And it is obligatory and force majeure!? And no one can hinder these murders performance!? Because they perform by god instruction!?

On the other hand, the Satanist forces have broken down my brother mental and physical system. They have made unfortunate him!

Some of people believe on that my brother is retaliating now. Because he extraordinary tormented his parents last years!

It may their opinion be true with in outset!

Yes! My brother tortured his parents, especially his so painstaking,


Self-sacrificing mother extraordinary. I promise you that if you encountered with those so terrible events you became so shocked and you shattered my brother with most pleasure! Because my brother rampaged and wrangled in those times deliberately. As if, my parents especially my cute mother was as my brother boxing bag. My brother relieved all of his obsessions to them in so cruelly manner. He punched and kicked his mother a lot.

Because his university lessons were so hard for him and the more important of anything, his libido and lust pressurized him a lot. He needed to wife in those times firstly. In addition, I strongly believe on the medical and physiotherapy fields were so hard and harmful for his brain performance and mind health! He must study in so more simple university courses at most.

If you focus on his problems origins comprehensively, you can notice easily that these kinds of crime and murder justifications about my brother punishment is so horrible and wrong.

Only the fascist, racist, rattle brained, thug, crazy,…groups of people can give these so nonsense justifications.

Especially considering Iranian cultural, folklore, environment,…norms these kind of justification is so wrong and terrible!

I believe on a lot of persons have been culprit on my brother. Because if our family weren’t exposed some of chronological disasters from those times, no accident happen about our family afterward.

I mean my father, mother were alive, happy, healthy now!

My father wasn’t blind!

One of my brothers wasn’t lost in war times! My other brother wasn’t so angry, hateful and misfortunate person and he was married 30 years ago! I was married and prosperous either!,….

But unfortunately I have lived in one of the hellish countries. In addition, the satanic forces have been active from those times and before of it until now!

The Satanist forces have embodied in so different forms in Iran,…! Once they be azrael, once they be jinni and fairies, once they be representative of gods, once they be secret officer,…!

I expect all of these demon beings be introduced, disclosed, punished,…as soon as possible. Because these groups of people whether live in Iran or around of world have had so harmful and destructive role in world so far!

Some of my relatives and people said that I must be surrender!

Other ones say that our world govern by satan!,…

And they want to persuade me that I end my complaints and be surrender to my predetermined fate!?

On the contrary, I expect all of my complaints be investigated comprehensively!

For example if you introduce the persons that made blind my father through satanic ways, you have served to humankind forever! With this work you can disclose all of the religious and irreligious satanic sects so horrible crimes, felonies!

And you can rescue a lot of persons from probable and certain disasters, sickness, murder, suspicious death,…in future! And your name will enter in history page as a world people savior brilliantly! And you will have praised by world people forever!


I return to my pivotal topic.

I expect my situation be clear according to my priorities, resume and interest as soon as possible in so reverently manner. Because I have tolerated some of so terrible catastrophes in my longevity in so dastardly manner!

Any one was instead of me resort to so terrible retaliation measures, you be sure!

The satanic forces have flagrantly suspended me for 12 years at least. Although my staying at home is so more efficent from when I was in isfehan university and commerce ministry. Because those two places had so destructive role on me. Especially my university supervisor have had so destructive role on our family. Although he was his chiefs order surrender,I guess! In meanwhile, I have missed many so excellent opportunities in Isfahan city. And I never repeat those so bitter experiences again!

This matter cause that I hint to my future job and probable traineeship courses qualifications again. These matters are so destiny maker and epoch-making for me. If you don’t consider these matters, a lot of other bad externalities will happen in future. And I will not iterate those so bad experiences again at all. I elaborated on my future jobs,plans,extracuricullar plans,wishs in detail in my complaint or shekayat email previously. Before I gave them for a lot of persons.

Only I suffice to these key points that:

1- I never study econometric,

2- statistical analysis, theories of economies and alike subjects!

3- I never be instructor.

4- I merely like the enforcement, interesting, applied, simple,… occupations.

4-i never selects the jobs and…that spoil my daily permanents extracurricular plans!

5-my future job and traineeship courses,…must be restricted to a limit certain time at night and day necessarily. For example from 10 a.m to 5.5 p.m at most. Because I have various extracurricular plans too.

5- I have said about my extracurricular plans several times. Again, I allude them briefly:

A-Learning and practice different musical instruments and athletic courses regularly

B-learning different foreign languages

c- Watching my so favorite plans,series,…from DVD and satellite apparatus!

D-surfing internet and reading my favorite articles in so different arena!

e- lovemaking with my future ladyloves!

F-writing and given informative and instructive messages to a lot of persons in order to neutralization of future probable satanic sects conspiracies and writing my viewpoint about different arena from film and series analysis to my autobiography and thought beliefs,…!

g- preserving my favorite animals at home,…!the dogs( poodle, big dogs,…)are my first priority! I like dogs a lot! I want to enter dogs in my future family sasanctum!

h- To evolutes and add other items to my testament! I wrote my basic and original testament previously!

I- I wish I could trip my favorite countries many times. I wish I could trip those countries 6 times yearly at least!

The above-mentioned articles are some of my future extracurricular plans!

On my marriage, I want to add that I extremely love the girls with foreign countries originality!

For example, I had a 1-month trip to Sweden country last year. I extremely love Sweden nymphet, belle,

Freethinker, educated, civilized girls! I wish I could marry with the mentioned Sweden girls or the girls similar them from any angle!

I prefer to marry with foreigners alike Sweden girls. Because they are beautiful and freethinker simultaneously! And I am so closer to these kind of girls! Instead, I severely abhor to marry with fogeyish, traditional girls. I severely hate middle ages ideologies! I love humanitarian, hedonic,…thoughts! I extremely love freethinker, modern girls!

Anyway, I expect that I get rid of from these so long term imposed limbo and entanglement merely according to my priorities, interests, resume!

I don’t move from this apartment before of marriage. I mean I will inhabit in this town until my marriage or going to overseas matters be solved!

It necessitate my marriage matter be solved right away because of many factors.

That is so bad that these imposed suspension continue until 2 other persons be sacrificed (I mean eshagh and masoud)!

My brother toleration is herculean task. Because the satanic forces have shattered his mental (and physical) system through different satanic ways. For instance, they banned him, they gave pathogenic and concoction substances him and they have made alone him in practice and so on!

So my brother was been so stressful,

Heart-stoned, jealous

Sadist, seditious,

Liar, Superstitious, savage, intolerable,… persons! As a matter of fact the satanic sects intend to kill him by gradual torture in one hand and torment me,…by him on the other hand !they want to widen other traps for us too ,I guess!

They want to continue my long term imposed suspension deliberately too. Because they want who I nurse him in practice as well.

Although I use from my staying at home relatively. But I don’t satisfy from these long terms entanglement at all! Although these conditions are so more efficient from my staying at commerce ministry and Isfahan University, even in spite of my brother (because he isn’t tolerable even for a minute). Those two places were so destructive role in my morale, time,…!

Unfortunately, my brother toleration is a big problem. No one can tolerate him. Any one has banned him since long years ago. Therefore, I expect you awaken your conscience more!

It had better that I would lived in my favorite foreign countries alike Sweden in these so critical conditions.

I want to add that I submitted my application form for work,…to Sweden migration board. I expect the Sweden authorities consider me so more. Because as soon as they agree with my demand, I will set off that country right away .

Altogether it seems my so first emergency priority be my marriage (of course in Iran not in Sweden necessarily,…)!

If I marry with the girls that conform with my standards, I will be so prosperous; otherwise, my marriage wrote a so dreadful destiny for me! And it will be as a big catastrophe in my living! Therefore, my marriage matter is considerably important for me! I will not marry with each girl at all. Only the girls permit to marry me that have my defined requirements!

I trouble you again.

I end my talks temporarily.

Please understand me!


Kaveh yousefzadeh



- kaveh yousefzadeh, 13 July 2012

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